Thursday, June 3, 2010

An update, at last!

Hell Header

As the header states, Hello! It's been a while since I have updated anything at all. So I thought hey, let's scan some sketches from my sketchbook and make a post about it.

I have been trying to explore calligraphy lately. I have been learning online, I have a nice fountain pen I am trying to create calligraphy with. However, I do not want to scan my samples of my work just yet. Here is something sort of related to it, just not done in the fountain pen. Plus, it has been raining these past days, so it has to deal with the rain aswell!

Always Raining sketch

And here is a random drawing I did today. It really means nothing, and the television sort of looks cool. I started to draw a heart, then I put some fluffy sides to the heart, and the words "Country Haven" popped into my mind.

June 3, Sketch

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  1. I hope to see some new Calligraphy samples some time soon! Nice to see a new post, i'm looking forward to seeing many more.