Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TelevisionBox, How it came to be

For those who have been wondering how I came up with the name TelevisionBox, this post will give you some insight of how I came to be the TelevisionBox.

A year or two now, I don't remember the date. Whenever I drove into the garage at my house, I would notice this little cute piggy bank on the shelf in the garage. I've never noticed it before, until that day. I believe the garage was cleaned up a couple days before hand. For awhile, I left it where it was, not knowing where it came from. But, I do have a suspicion that it came from my grandpas house, a very long time ago.

One day.. I finally did take it off the shelf, and I put it on my shelf above my computer monitor. The box itself turned inspiring for me. I like the way it looked, I liked the way it was designed, the font was creative, the television was old school. Soon it became my internet persona.

And, that is how the name TelevisionBox came to be.