Sunday, June 6, 2010

I got my mojo back!

Hello everyone.

I seem to be getting back into drawing, sort of. I've been drawing just lots of fun things nothing serious right now, I'm just doing this for myself. I actually sort of an obsession with drawing plugs for wall sockets. It's sort of strange, but I am strange. I hope to have more posts, more often, and of more importance of course. I hope to have set up an etsy shop shop soon selling some of my things. We'll see of course. Plus, I got to get more calligraphy to show you.

Plug me in


  1. Great to see that you've founds some more inspiration! Ride the lightning as they say, or maybe in this case the extension cord. Looking forward to seeing your fancy new works!

  2. You are silly, you know that?

    I like you strange. Never change.