Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A collection of notepads

For my final project, my teacher told me I could do anything, and that was sort of a challenge for me, as I need some guidelines. I had a few ideas to start off with, such as my poetry booklet I was going to do. However, those ideas, did not interest me about 2 weeks into the project. So, I had to quickly react to as what I was going to do. I asked my teacher for suggestions and he said to do some stationary. I really enjoyed the idea of stationary. He showed me some artists as well, that sort of draw like I do. Which I found to be very interesting.

Well, here is my stationary, I really do hope you enjoy it. It was quite the process, I used Illustrator for the line work, and photoshop for the colour, and some clean up, if needed.

Office Supply Party Notepads
Office Supply Party Notepads

Picnic Planning Notepads
Picnic Planning Notepads

Telephone Messaging Notepads
Telephone Notepads

Rough Work

These my rough works for my stationary. In the second picture you can slightly notice my Hot Chocolate stain, just in case you were wondering what it was. It is also on my front page a bit, even though it landed on the opposite side. It was the morning, I had hot chocolate, it is sometimes a deadly combination.




I hope you truly enjoyed this. :)


  1. i'm late at posting a comment here, but whatever, i'm on so i just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done!!! Great final project, it was nice to see it all come together.