Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cereal Magazine Ad

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well. Sorry I haven't posted for awhile.

Anyways... To follow up with my previous Trix post.. here is the final result of what I created using Photoshop CS3, and a pencil. I will show in stages of my creative process.

Step 1
I first found a picture of the Trix bunny from the 70s I then drew it as it from the photo I have found on the internet. Also, while doing this I was thinking of some slogans for my magazine ad.
Trix #1

Step 1.2
I noticed the picture did look kind of odd, so I changed the outer stroke to just a normal stroke, and changed some features as they looked a bit wonky.
Trix #2

Step 2
I then added colour digitally to the Trix bunny to make him more childlike. I also drew him childlike, to give it more of a feel of childhood. I think he came out pretty decent.
Trix w/ Colour

Step 3 - Final Step
I then added some disco styled text, and alittle bit of skating rink, so that he has a place to skate on with his rollerblades. Added the box at the bottom, so the viewers understand what the adverstisement is about. And, there we have it, a magazine ad with the Trix bunny from the 70s.
Trix Final

Comments anyone?

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  1. Just the white looks too plan but I like it with the red backdrop.

    *clap clap*